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Searching for info on a DWI Attorney? Need a DWI defense?

Find DWI attorney sites and DUI defense law firms for DWI defense legal assistance.

  • American Prosecutor's Research Institute - National Traffic Law Center - Drunk driving legal issues, prosecutorial and judicial resources, legal briefs and a newsletter.
  • Bose Law Firm - Information on Virginia drunk driving and traffic laws.
  • Century Council - National Hardcore Drunk Driver Project - Information and links for drunk driving law enforcement, prosecution, prevention and alcoholism treatment, sponsored by an organization of distillers.
  • Cowan, Smith & Kirk - Information on Washington State drunk driving laws, penalties and procedures, from a law firm.
  • DUI Magazine - Law firm sponsored articles for drunk driving defendants.
  • HowStuffWorks - How Breathalyzers Work - Examination of the scientific principles and technology behind breath alcohol testing devices.
  • Impaired Driving On Trial - Information about how driving behavior is affected by alcohol and drugs, as well as scientific and evidentiary issues relating to criminal prosecution, from the Indiana Department of Toxicology. Last revised, September 30, 2003.
  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - Overview of state drunk driving laws and penalties.
  • Intoximeter's Drink Wheel - Calculator to approximate blood-alcohol levels.
  • Land Transport Safety Authority - New Zealand statistics and penalties for drink driving.
  • Lawrence Taylor - Drunk Driving Law Center - Attorney site providing information for attorneys and the public on California's drunk driving laws, science, and police procedures.
  • Loring N. Spolter - - Information concerning DWI laws and law enforcement, from a Florida attorney.
  • - Guide to drunk driving laws in Spain.
  • Moore, Gunter & Barrett - Law firm site providing DWI legal information on driving while intoxicated in Texas.
  • National Center for Injury Prevention and Control - Impaired Driving Studies. - Injury fact sheet on alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents.
  • National College For DUI Defense, Inc. - Providing legal training and information for drunk driving defense attorneys and accused drunk drivers.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Detecting Drunk Drivers - Description of visual cues to drunk driving, from USDOT's DWI Detection Guide.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Highway Safety Desk Book - The officer's guide to DUI detection and investigation.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - On DWI Laws in Other Countries - Comparison of laws in other countries with those in the United States. Includes data about illegal levels of blood alcohol content, sanctions for first and multiple DWI offenses, rehabilitation and regranting of licenses, drivers licensing laws, enforcement practices, BAC testing rules, laws related to youth, and social attitudes.
  • Police Notebook - BAC Calculator - Facts about alcohol consumption, a blood-alcohol chart and online calculator, provided by the Oklahoma University Police Department.
  • Road Traffic Authority, NSW - Drug and Alcohol Offences - Information from the government of New South Wales, Australia, primarily about penalties for alcohol-related driving offences.
  • Steven Oberman - DUI Network - Tennessee drunk driving laws, FAQs and information.
  • Thomas Anelli - - Summary of New York's drunk driving laws and DWI information from an attorney.
  • Transport Canada - Information on Drinking and Driving - Includes information from the Canadian government about national, provincial, and territorial laws concerning standards and penalties for driving impaired, as well as information about how the laws are applied.
  • U.S. Federal Aviation Administration - Rules, regulations, and programs, relating to drunk driving and DWI offenses by pilots.
  • Whats Driving You? - Information about alcohol, drinking and driving, , DWI charges, and ways to think about behaviors associated with drinking, with summaries of drunk driving and 'zero tolerance' laws by state, from Intervention Instruction, Inc.